Friday, October 29, 2010

The True Meaning of Halloween

On paper, 'Glee' is precisely the type of program this musical theatre and classic rock lover should enjoy. Still, I have only sat through two full episodes in as many seasons. The last episode, featuring musical numbers from 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show,' piqued my interest, and I watched the episode without commercials online a couple of days ago.

The show as a whole was just ok, but the following scene resonated with this jr./sr. high teacher. Sue Sylvester is a character that is so far from who I am, but who shares one thing with me: a desire to help kids succeed in life. Sure, her methods are a little odd and, often times, self-serving, but Sue cares and voices her care with no qualms.

Thank you, Jane Lynch, for preaching to the cynic in all of us.

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